Caustic Christ

The crust punk band Caustic Christ playing a house show.

Caustic Christ, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was a formidable American crust punk band associated with Havoc Records. The band consisted of vocalist GenEric Christ, guitarist Bill Christ, bassist Mistaken Ukla Von Upenstien, and drummer Archie Punker.


In the late 2000s, guitarist Bill Chamberlain, previously part of Mankind?, The Pist, and React, joined forces with guitarist/vocalist Eric Good and bassist Corey Lyons of Aus-Rotten. Alongside drummer Ron Wingrove, they formed Caustic Christ. After Wingrove’s unfortunate accident in 2001, drummer Greg Mairs stepped in, eventually becoming a permanent member.

With Mairs, the band recorded their inaugural seven-inch record released on Havoc Records, initiating a series of releases under the same label. Caustic Christ embarked on extensive U.S. tours, sharing stages with notable bands like Subhumans and Municipal Waste. Their European tour in 2006 further solidified their punk presence. Local performances at venues such as Mr. Roboto Project showcased their prominence in Pennsylvania.

Caustic Christ disbanded after their final show on May 5, 2009. However, a reunion in 2015 for Skull Fest in Pittsburgh and a 2016 benefit show in Richmond, Virginia, demonstrated their enduring impact.


  • Caustic Christ 7″ (Havoc Records, 2001)
  • Can’t Relate LP (Havoc Records, 2003)
  • Government Job 7″ (Havoc Records, 2004)
  • Public Service/Jodie Foster limited tour single (Havoc Records, 2005)
  • Lycanthropy LP (Havoc Records, 2006)

Splits and Compilations

  • Go Down Fighting, Come Up Smiling CD compilation (Hardtravelin’ Records, 2001)
  • Split 7″ with Intense Youth (Behold The Youthquake Records, 2002)
  • Split 7″ with R.A.M.B.O. (Busted Heads Records, 2003)
  • Dark Thoughts compilation (Rabid Dogs Records, 2003)
  • Half Life – Under The Knife covers compilation 7″ (Moo Cow Records, 2004)
  • Revolved Back To Failure cassette compilation (Hardtravelin’ Records, 2005)


  • The Oftenly Mistaken Ukla Von Upenstien – Bass
  • GenEric Christ – Vocals
  • Bill Christ – Guitar
  • Archie Punker – Drums

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