Suburban Rhythm

Suburban Rhythm was a ska punk band originating from Long Beach, California, made their mark on the music scene in the early '90s.

Suburban Rhythm was a ska punk band originating from Long Beach, California, made their mark on the music scene in the early ’90s. Formed in 1990, they played alongside now-famous O.C. bands like Sublime, No Doubt, and Reel Big Fish in small-venue clubs. Despite facing various roster changes, Suburban Rhythm remained a force until their breakup in 1994, and their legacy lives on through their 1997 posthumous compilation album, Suburban Rhythm.


In August 1989, The Silent Invasion was born, featuring vocalist Dennis Owens, guitarist Jake Kline, keyboardist/vocalist Rodi Delgadillo, bassist Deryke Cardenaz, and drummer Christine Tasche. After a single show, Tasche departed, leading to a name change to Suburban Rhythm. Ed Kampwirth replaced Cardenaz on bass, and Carlos de la Garza, drummer for The Trenchtown Invaders, joined as the drummer.

Height of Career

With a solid lineup, Suburban Rhythm played numerous shows, including notable venues like Prince’s club “Glam Slam” in Los Angeles. In October 1992, they released their first demo, Hose. Guitarist Jake Kline left in April 1993, leading to the recruitment of Scott Moran. However, internal conflicts arose during the recording of their first album, resulting in Kampwirth and Moran quitting.


True to their commitment, Suburban Rhythm played their last show on April 2, 1994, in Costa Mesa, CA. The “Almost There” EP, containing four songs from the scrapped album, was released at the time of their breakup.


In 1997, Solid Recordings released a posthumous 16-song compilation CD, featuring tracks from the Hose demo, the Almost There EP, unreleased tracks from the scrapped first album, live recordings, and a hidden garage-recorded track titled “Uniform of Destruction.”

Musical Style

Though primarily labeled as a ska/punk band, Suburban Rhythm’s recordings showcased diverse styles, ranging from funk to metal, jazz, blues, prog, and even country.

Influence and Legacy

Following their breakup, many of Suburban Rhythm’s contemporaries found success, contributing to a nationwide ska revival in the mid and late ’90s. Notably, Reel Big Fish paid homage to Suburban Rhythm in their second full-length CD, Turn the Radio Off, with a tribute song titled “S.R.”

Members’ Activities

Various members continued to contribute to the music scene. Dennis Owens, Rodi Delgadillo, and Carlos de la Garza formed the power-pop group Action League. Owens played bass with BlowUpBlow and Free Moral Agents and DJed in Long Beach and Orange County. Delgadillo DJs and works on a new musical project named “Cosmos.” De la Garza played drums with various bands, runs Music Friends recording studio, and is a Grammy-winning recording engineer and producer. Ed Kampwirth continues to play bass, keys, and write for acts like Long Beach Dub Allstars.


  • 1992: Hose (Cassette) – Out of print
  • 1994: Almost There (7″ Vinyl) – Out of print
  • 1997: Suburban Rhythm (CD) – 16-song compilation released through Solid Recordings – Out Of Print

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