Armed and Hammered

Armed and Hammered playing a show live.

Armed and Hammered is a hardcore punk band hailing from Toronto, Ontario, emerged from the vibrant Bunchofuckingoofs scene in the early 1980s. Founded by singer Mopa Dean and drummer Kyle Peek, the band underwent several lineup changes that influenced their sonic journey.

The band’s inaugural performance took place on June 7, 1989, marking the beginning of their impactful presence. In 1990, Armed and Hammered independently released “Promoting Peace To Violence 89-90,” a 17-track collection capturing their live performances. The subsequent 12-track demo tape, “Fully Loaded,” released in 1991, featured eight songs from the earlier collection. Noteworthy lineup changes included guitarist Hardcore Dave and bassist Kieran Plunkett stepping in.

Throughout the 1990s, Armed and Hammered continued to evolve. Guitarists Big John and Dorian Wilde replaced Hardcore Dave in 1992, contributing to various releases, including split EPs with Suckerpunch and Oppressed Logic. The band encountered controversy in 1995 when they claimed to be banned from a Much Music performance after playing the Kumbaya Festival.

The lineup underwent further alterations with guitarist Kurf replacing Dorian Wilde in 1994 and bassist Rick Giroux stepping in for Kieran Plunkett. The band’s debut full-length album, “It’s About Fucking Time,” recorded between 1996 and 1997, showcased a mix of original tracks and re-recordings. The European label Subvert & Deny released the four-track EP “More Punk Rock Than You” in 1996.

Despite lineup changes, the band pressed on, releasing albums like “Negative Aspects of Positive Thinking” in 2000. Mopa’s departure in 2000 led to the arrival of Jaww singer Doug McLarty, but the band’s activity dwindled, leading to their final shows in early 2003. Mopa formed The G-Men in 2002.

Armed and Hammered experienced a revival, playing a set in support of GBH in 2010 and officially reforming in May 2012. The band remains active, performing and recording. In February 2021, they released a four-track split with Vulgar Deli.


  • Promoting Peace Through Violence 89-90 (1990): Cassette, Independent
  • Fully Loaded (1991): Cassette, Independent
  • Armed & Hammered/Suckerpunch (1993): 7inch EP, Independent
  • Armed & Hammered/Oppressed Logic (1995): 7inch EP, Split with Oppressed Logic, Ransom Note Recordings
  • Don’t Mess with Punk (1996): Cassette, Independent
  • More Punk Rock Than You (1996): 7inch EP, Subvert & Deny Records
  • It’s About Fucking Time (1997): CD, Obese Records
  • Negative Aspects of Positive Thinking (2000): CD, Independent
  • Armed & Hammered/Vulgar Deli – American Democracy / Kill Johnny Stiff (2021): 7inch EP, Coke Dick Records

Various Artists Compilations

  • Dead On the Road – Songs Without Keyboards (1994): CD, Compilation Inclusion, Raw Energy Records
  • Living in Fear (1995): CD, Compilation Inclusion, Ransom Note Recordings
  • Disease Control: Vol. 1 (1999): CD, MUCK Records
  • Twentybandcomp – Various Artists Vol. (2000): CD, Raw Energy Records – Shock Records
  • Ontario Punk Rock Compilation – Various Artists Vol. 4 (2020): Compilation Inclusion, CD, Lockdown Records Canada
  • Punk Canada Vol. 2 (2023): Compilation Inclusion, LP, En Guard Records Canada


2012 Lineup:

  • Kyle Peek – Drums
  • Mopa Dean – Vocals
  • Big John (John Mckee) – Guitar
  • Jamie “G” – Guitar
  • Preston “Wounded Paw” Sims

Past Members:

  • Thor (BFG) Hammersen – Bass
  • Steve “Lamo” – Guitar
  • Phil “Philphee” Saunders – Bass
  • Kieran Plunkett – Bass
  • Kurf – Guitar
  • Doug McLarty – Vocals
  • Rick Giroux – Bass
  • Cindy Beattie – Bass
  • Dorian Wilde – Guitar
  • Mark Dickinson – Guitar
  • Hardcore Dave (David Mcleod) – Guitar
  • Allyson Baker – Guitar
  • John Grove – Bass

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