The Drunk Injuns

The Drunk Injuns before a show.

The Drunk Injuns was an American skate punk band with a distinctive identity, who came onto the scene in 1983. What sets them apart is not only their energetic punk sound but also their unique stage presence—the band members don masks resembling Indian ghost warriors. According to the Drunk Injuns, these masks serve as a conduit to the spirit world, enhancing their musical prowess and allowing them to deliver performances that transcend the ordinary.


The visionary behind The Drunk Injuns is Mörizen Föche, also known as MoFo/Restless Spirit, who initially gained recognition as the creator and director of Thrasher Magazine’s Skate Rock compilation series. Föche played a crucial role in identifying and documenting the emerging musical phenomenon through a series of articles, coining the term “Skate Rock.” In 1983, MoFo approached members of the influential San Jose skate punk band Los Olvidados with a novel idea—he proposed the formation of a new band, complete with the distinctive element of donning Indian masks.


  • Mörizen Föche aka MoFo/Restless Spirit (vocals)
  • Ray Stevens II aka Johnny Yuma (bass)
  • Mike Fox aka Whölley Smökkes (guitar)
  • Mike Voss aka Stoned Wolf (guitar)
  • Matt Etheridge aka Sitting Duck (drums)


Main Albums:

  • 1983: My Dad Butch
  • 1985: Crimes Against Humanity
  • 1987: Frontside Grind
  • 2002: From Where the Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More, Forever


  • 1983: Thrasher SkateRock Volume 1 – Thrasher SkateRock
  • 1983: Faction Productions – Growing Pains
  • 1984: Thrasher SkateRock Volume 2 – Blazing Wheels And Barking Trucks
  • 1988: Thrasher SkateRock Volume 6 – Road Rash

The Drunk Injuns’ discography is a testament to their enduring impact on the skate punk scene, with albums that have become iconic within the genre.

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