No Torso

No Torso

No Torso was an innovative Norwegian eight-piece DIY ska band originating from Oslo, Norway. The band’s inception in 2001 featured a trio of members—Eivind, Chris, and Martin. Over the years, No Torso expanded their lineup, maintaining a dynamic evolution until the formation of their final roster.


Despite hailing from Scandinavia, No Torso made significant waves in the United States’ ska and DIY scene, thanks to their connections with the renowned independent label Asian Man Records. In 2006, Asian Man Records released the band’s debut full-length album, Several Brains, which received warm critical acclaim and gained popularity among fans.

Since the release of Several Brains, No Torso recorded a second release titled Ready Already. The album dropped during the West Coast leg of the band’s inaugural United States tour in the summer of 2008. Some tour dates were shared with fellow Asian Man bands such as Lemuria and Bomb The Music Industry!.

On May 19, 2009, guitarist Martin Brostigen announced the band’s breakup. The decision came after unsuccessful attempts to replace departing members Lars, Chris, and Kristian following the 2008 US tour. Post-breakup, the members ventured into new musical projects.

Post-Breakup Ventures

The former members of No Torso pursued various musical endeavors post-breakup. They played together in a ska cover band initially named Bekkestua All-Stars, later renamed Yoga Grossist, a playful nod to the Norwegian band Jaga Jazzist. Other projects included Hamstern and the Pepsikids (Nerland and Hamang), The Phantoms (Brostigen), and Amerikanerne (Dypvik). The horn section—Brænne, Solheim, and Friis—toured with bands like Orbo & The Longshots, Noora Noor, and Los Plantronics. Lars Oskarsen took a hiatus but made guest appearances for Oslo-based bands, including Dead Parrot Society.


No Torso distinguished themselves with a sound rooted in traditional ska music infused with heavy DIY-punk influences. Often likened to Hot Water Music, their end result resembled an experimental Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The band’s poetic lyrics and positive attitude garnered respect within the international ska scene and beyond.



  • Fatal Fraud EP (2004)
  • Several Brains (2005)
  • Ready Already EP (2008)


  • Plea for Peace Vol. 2 – “Fight the blue horizon”
  • Himmelblå – “Fight the blue horizon”
  • The Best Fucking Ska in the World, Vol. 2 – “Fatal Fraud”
  • The Best Fucking Ska in the World, Vol. 3
  • Punk in disguise, Vol. 2 – “Fatal Fraud, I’m glad I’m alive”
  • Mowhawks and whiskey shots
  • Bergen Rock City, Vol. 2

Former Members

  • Martin Brostigen – guitar (2001 – 2009)
  • Eivind Dypvik – drums (2001 – 2009)
  • Bendik Brænne – tenor sax (2001 – 2009)
  • Hans Foyn Friis – trombone (2004 – 2009)
  • Eivind Solheim – trumpet (2005 – 2009)
  • Johannes Sæbøe – bass (2009 – 2009)
  • Lars Oskarsen – vocals (2003 – 2008)
  • Chris Nerland – bass (2001 – 2008)
  • Kristian Hamang – guitar (2002 – 2009)
  • Anders Kjaer – tenor sax (2001 – 2005)

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