The Quails

The Quails

The Quails were a punk band hailing from San Francisco, California, made their mark on the American punk scene with their unique sound and artistic contributions.

Formation and Early Years

Formed in 1999, The Quails brought together the talents of Seth Lorinczi, formerly of Circus Lupus, Jen Smith (credited as the inspiration behind the term riot grrrl), and Julianna Bright. This eclectic mix of musicians laid the foundation for a band that would carve its niche in the punk landscape.

Notable Albums and Critical Acclaim

The Quails released three albums during their active years. Their second album, Atmosphere (2002), received particular praise for its “strangeness” and “artistic value” from Kerry L. Smith in Rolling Stone magazine. This recognition underscored the band’s ability to push creative boundaries within the punk genre.

Live Performances and Collaborations

The Quails took their energetic performances on the road, sharing stages with notable artists such as Sleater Kinney, Tracy and the Plastics, Hella, and Aislers Set. San Francisco’s legendary Eagle Tavern became a familiar stage for The Quails, earning them the affectionate title of the house band.

Post-Breakup Ventures

Following the band’s breakup, Seth Lorinczi and Julianna Bright joined forces to form The Golden Bears. Their debut album, Wall To Wall, was set for release on Amore!Phonics, showcasing the continued musical journey of these talented musicians.


  • Seth Lorinczi – bass
  • Julianna Bright – drums, vocals
  • Jen Smith – guitar, vocals


  • We Are the Quails (Inconvenient Press & Recordings, 2001)
  • Atmosphere (Inconvenient, 2002)
  • The Song Is Love (Mr. Lady Records, 2003)

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