Osker, a dynamic American punk trio, made their mark on the late 1990s and early 2000s punk scene in the United States, primarily based in Los Angeles, California. The band was under the banner of Epitaph Records until their disbandment in 2002.


Studio Albums:

  • Treatment 5 (2000): Osker’s debut album, “Treatment 5,” earned a favorable review of 3/5 from AllMusic. Described as a typical release for the Epitaph label, the album showcased aggressive punk with unbridled, snotty vocals. The lyrics oscillated between goofy humor and angst-filled catharsis.
  • Idle Will Kill (2001): In 2001, Osker released their second and final studio album, “Idle Will Kill.” This album marked another chapter in their punk journey.

Split Releases:

  • “Osker/Blindsided” (1998): An early split release that showcased Osker’s punk prowess.

Band Members

  • Devon Williams: [Roles in the band]
  • David Benitez: [Roles in the band]
  • Phil Drazic: [Roles in the band]

Osker’s brief yet impactful presence in the punk scene is evident through their energetic performances and contributions to Epitaph Records. The band’s albums, particularly “Treatment 5” and “Idle Will Kill,” stand as testaments to their commitment to aggressive punk expression. Though their journey was cut short in 2002, Osker remains remembered for their distinctive sound and influence on the punk landscape.

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