Johnny Socko Bovaquarium Review

In this review from November 6, 2003, the album by Johnny Socko is characterized as “Bovine-ska,” blending reggae, punk, and rap. The reviewer notes the band’s carefree and enjoyable approach, evident in tracks like “(This is your) Vasectomy,” “Uvula Maintenance,” and “I Like Cows,” showcasing a humorous and unconventional style.

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The foundation of the band is described with Joe Welch’s solid rhythm guitar, occasional solos, and support from Dylan Wissing on drums. The inclusion of trumpet, sax, and trombone, coupled with Mike Wiltrout’s eccentric lyrics, contributes to the album’s distinctive sound. The review acknowledges the presence of peculiar songs but highlights standout tracks like “(Do the) Post-Modernist Ska,” “For Finbar,” and the slightly unconventional “Flyin’ Ed.”

The overall impression is that the album offers a fun and offbeat experience, particularly appealing to those who enjoy a departure from mainstream sounds. The live performance of Johnny Socko is recommended for its lively and entertaining show.

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