Pornofilmy (Russian: Порнофи́льмы, lit. ’porn movies’) is a Russian punk band hailing from the city of Dubna and is among the most widely embraced rock acts in Russia. Established in 2008, the band has navigated its way through controversies, achieving recognition for its highly politicized lyrics and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle. Notably, all members adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and smoking.


According to band leader Vladimir Kotlyarov, the name Pornofilmy is a metaphor for the surrounding reality. Originating from a crime chronicle on TV, the word, initially associated with an underground workshop for producing porn movies, took on a new identity as the band’s name. Despite restrictions, the band remains underground, true to its origins.


Founded in 2008, the band began active development in 2012, coinciding with the abandonment of alcohol, smoking, and other vices by all members. The band’s early music was recorded in their garage, with initial self-mixing efforts. The thematic shift in lyrics towards advocating a healthier lifestyle marked this phase of the band’s journey.

Growth of Popularity

The band’s popularity soared with the release of albums like “In the Range Between Despair and Hope” in 2018 and “It Shall Pass” in 2020. They performed at notable venues and on Russia’s national TV, solidifying their position as a leading force in Russian rock music.


Apart from their musical endeavors, Pornofilmy engages in charity work, performing at charity concerts and actively contributing to causes. The band launched a crowdfunding project for a new album, directing all funds raised to the charitable foundation “Fund Against Leukemia.” Numerous charitable initiatives, including online acoustic concerts and visits to children’s oncological centers, showcase their commitment to social causes.


Pornofilmy has consistently found itself in scandals, primarily due to its anti-government lyrics and provocative name. Concert cancellations and opposition from local authorities have been recurrent themes in their history, reflecting the band’s defiance against perceived restrictions.


Studio Albums

  • Glue! (2010)
  • Boring Life (2012)
  • Karma of the Workers
  • Poor Country (2013)
  • Youth and Punk Rock (2014)
  • Russian Dream. Part I (2015)
  • Russian Dream. Part II (2016)
  • In the Range Between Despair and Hope (2017)
  • It Shall Pass (2020)

Mini Albums

  • You Are in My Sect (2011)
  • Art (2012)
  • How Many Bombs Will Go Off? (2012)
  • On All Screens of the Country (2012)
  • White Flakes (2014)
  • Resistance (2015)
  • Like the Last Time (2016)


  • Our Names (feat. Lumen) (2015)
  • I’m So Afraid (2018)
  • Rituals (2019)

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