The Fartz

The Hardcore Punk Band The Fartz.

The Fartz were a hardcore punk band originating from Seattle, Washington. They played a crucial role in shaping the punk scene in the early ’80s. Known for their fast and heavy music, as well as socially conscious lyrics, The Fartz made a lasting impact on the genre.

Early Career

Formed in 1981, The Fartz boasted an original lineup comprising vocalist Blaine Cook, guitarist Tommy Hansen, bassist Steve Hofmann, and drummer Loud Fart. The band’s distinctive feature was adopting the family name “Fart” in punk tradition, leading to members being known as Blaine Fart, Tommy Fart, Steve Fart, and Loud Fart. Their EP, Because This Fuckin’ World Stinks, self-released in 1981, caught the attention of Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles Records, marking them as the first Seattle band signed to an out-of-town label.

Lineup Changes and Recognition

Guitarist Paul Dana replaced Hansen during the recording of the band’s 1982 album, World Full of Hate. Duff McKagan, later of Guns N’ Roses fame, briefly joined on drums. The Fartz gained recognition as part of the West Coast hardcore punk trio alongside Dead Kennedys and D.O.A. Despite regional success, they faced challenges booking local shows in Seattle.

Evolution into 10 Minute Warning

In November 1982, The Fartz transformed into a new band, 10 Minute Warning, with a lineup change. After a brief reunion in 1983, members went their separate ways. Cook joined The Accüsed, and McKagan joined Guns N’ Roses.


Renewed Interest and Anthology

The Fartz garnered renewed interest in 1990 with the release of a vinyl-only LP, You, We See You Crawling, containing unreleased demos from 1981-1982. In 1998, Alternative Tentacles released a comprehensive anthology titled Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks, marking the band’s first CD availability.

Second Incarnation

Inspired by the anthology, Cook reunited with original members to record new material. The lineup included Blaine, Steve, Alex “Maggot Brain” Sibbald, and Karl Fowler. They released the studio LP What’s In A Name? in 2001, followed by Injustice in 2002 and a live LP called Viet-Raq.

Alternate Versions of Songs

Due to the band’s evolution, some songs were recorded by different incarnations, creating a unique discography. The Fartz continued live shows in the Pacific Northwest until 2003 when Cook and Alex rejoined The Accüsed.

Band Members


  • Blaine Cook (vocals)
  • Steve Hofmann (bass)
  • Tommy Hansen (guitar)
  • Loud Fart (drums)


  • Blaine Cook (vocals)
  • Steve Hofmann (bass)
  • Paul Dana aka Paul Solger (guitar)
  • Duff McKagan (drums)


  • Blaine Cook (vocals)
  • Steve Hofmann (bass)
  • Paul Dana aka Paul Solger (guitar)
  • Lloyd Shattuck (drums)


  • Blaine Cook (vocals)
  • Steve Hofmann (bass)
  • Alex “Maggot Brain” Sibbald (guitar)
  • Karl “Detonator” Fowler (drums)


  • 1981 Because This Fucking World Stinks 7” EP – Fartz Records
  • 1981 “Campaign Speech” on Seattle Syndrome Volume One compilation – Engram Records.
  • 1982 World Full Of Hate 12” LP – Alternative Tentacles, Virus 17
  • 1982 Because This Fucking World Stinks 7” EP reissue – Alternative Tentacles Virus 21
  • 1983 “Buried Alive” on Eastern Front Vol. II compilation.
  • 1990 You, We See You Crawling 12” EP – Musical Tragedies, Eight Tragedy
  • 1998 Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks anthology LP/CD – Alternative Tentacles, Virus 217
  • 2000 N.W.T.O. 7-inch EP – Transparent Records, TR-26
  • 2001 What’s in a Name LP/CD – Alternative Tentacles, Virus 262
  • 2002 Injustice, 15 Working Class Songs LP/CD Alternative Tentacles, Virus 279
  • 2002 Viet-Raq CD New Prejudice a2o Records

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