Embrace Today

Embrace Today

Embrace Today, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, was an influential American straight edge metalcore and hardcore punk band. Known for their relentless touring and a distinctive militant straight edge approach, they left an indelible mark on the hardcore scene.

Formation and Style

The band, active during a significant period, showcased their commitment to the straight edge philosophy. Their sound, characterized by a blend of metalcore and hardcore punk, resonated with audiences. Embrace Today gained prominence, touring alongside notable bands like Bleeding Through, Champion, Bury Your Dead, Ion Dissonance, Premonitions of War, Since The Flood, and Haste the Day.

Live Shows and Hardcore Scene Impact

Embrace Today’s live performances were marked by their militant straight edge ethos, creating a defiant “Fuck You I’m Edge” mentality within the hardcore scene. This approach contributed to their reputation as one of the hardest-working bands of their era. The band’s intensity and dedication to their craft drew parallels with the influential Syracuse Straight Edge powerhouse, Earth Crisis.


Embrace Today’s discography reflects their evolution and impact on the hardcore music landscape:

  • …For the Kids (1999, Good Intention Records): The band’s initial release laid the foundation for their sound and message.
  • Breaking the Code of Silence (2000, Shore’s Edge Records): This album continued to solidify their presence within the hardcore community.
  • FxYxIxE (Fuck You I’m Edge) (2002, The Life Recording Company): Considered a landmark release, this album captured the essence of Embrace Today’s unapologetic straight edge stance.
  • Soldiers (2003, Deathwish Inc.): Building on their previous work, this release showcased the band’s musical and lyrical progression.
  • We Are The Enemy (2005, Deathwish Inc.): The final album marked a significant point in Embrace Today’s journey, showcasing maturity and a continued commitment to their hardcore roots.

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