The Frustrators

The Frustrators

The Frustrators, an American punk rock band, comprises Jason Chandler (lead vocals), Terry Linehan (guitar, vocals), Art Tedeschi (drums), and Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals). Each member brings their unique flair, with Linehan from Waterdog, Chandler and Tedeschi from Violent Anal Death, and Dirnt from Green Day.


The band has delivered energetic releases through Adeline Records, including:

  • Bored in the USA EP (2000): A dynamic introduction to The Frustrators’ sound, released under Adeline Records.
  • Achtung Jackass (2002): The debut LP, unleashed on March 11, 2002, showcases the band’s prowess. The album’s notable track, “Bonus Track,” is recorded backward.
  • Griller EP (2011): Continuing their musical journey, The Frustrators released this EP on February 15, 2011, under Adeline Records/Dr. Strange Records.

Achtung Jackass Era

During the Achtung Jackass era, The Frustrators solidified their presence in the punk scene. The album, described by an AllMusic reviewer as “an enjoyable combination of new wave and bratty, goofball punk,” resonated with audiences. The track “My Best Friend’s Girl” set the tone, showcasing the band’s ability to seamlessly blend the catchiness of new wave with punk authenticity.

Band Members

The enduring lineup of The Frustrators, consistent since 1999, includes:

  • Jason Chandler: Lead vocals
  • Terry Linehan: Guitar, vocals
  • Mike Dirnt: Bass, vocals
  • Art Tedeschi: Drums

The collaborative energy of these members has been a driving force behind The Frustrators’ distinctive punk rock sound.

The Frustrators continue to captivate audiences with their infectious punk spirit, proving that their musical journey is an ongoing exploration of the dynamic possibilities within the genre.

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